[CM] dlocsig on snd

Juan Reyes juanig at ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Mon May 31 09:22:14 PDT 2010


Just a word of thanks to Bill and Fernando for the fixes on dlocsig.

'dlocsig.scm' is working on Snd version 11.6 on Fedora12. I tried few
paths and it's working as expected.

On CLM-4 with SBCL-1.0.35-1.fc12 the story is different. When I try to
compile 'dlocsig.lisp', sbcl hangs. Sorry I wasn't able to tweak the
SBCL debugger to find out what is going on. I also try Fernando's
PlanetCCRMA's  cm-clm-sbcl-2.11.0-0.20070607.cvs.13.fc12.ccrma.i686 and
same behavior.

I am using  SBCL-1.0.35-1.fc12 because later packages conflict with
cm-clm Lisp world on Fedora12.

Again, thanks a lot!.

  --* Juan Reyes

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