[CM] Re : Newbie question - and about them

Rune Boutroue Bekkhus rbbekkhus at yahoo.com
Sun May 9 15:18:10 PDT 2010

This works just fine:
(map (lambda (l) (apply max l)) '((12 13 14) (75 76 87)))
---> (14 87)

But I don't get the Grace app. to understand "list-of-lists". Should I make a definition of that first in order to make the "highest-number" function work?

Also in the loop version I get ">>> Error: list-of-lists: unbound variable".

Rune (from Norway - no courses in proximity. And hardly any appropriate documentation in Norwegian)

(define highest-numbers
   (map (lambda (l) (apply max l))  list-of-lists))

(define highest-numbers
   (loop for l in list-of-lists
         collect (apply max l)))

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