[CM] Newbie question - and about them

Rune Boutroue Bekkhus rbbekkhus at yahoo.com
Fri May 7 11:39:27 PDT 2010


Here's my newbie question:

I'd like to make a new list out of a list of lists in scm. The lists contain numbers only. The new list should consist of the highest number of each of the given sublists, in the original order. (Thus, the new list will contain just as many numbers as the given list contained sublists.) Any suggestions as for how to make a function that would do this for me?

Then I'll go meta:

Maybe newbie-questions like this one should have a separate "sub-forum" for them? It is hard to post such a silly question as this one among the other posts, which generally are far above my level when it comes to computer understanding.


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