[CM] sending osc from linux to mac

Heinrich Taube taube at uiuc.edu
Mon May 3 08:49:01 PDT 2010

here is an example. i tested it on two machines in my lab -- you need  
to change the ip number in my example to  the correct ip number of  
your (remote) mac.

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On May 3, 2010, at 6:48 AM, Matti Koskinen wrote:

> hi,
> I blowed the dust off from my midi-keyboard, installed the old SB  
> Liive card in the linux box, and connected the keyboard to SB's  
> midi. I've tried fluidsynth and qsynth to play midi, but none of  
> them have worked. Loading soundfont with asfxload and connecting  
> midi to emu10k with aconnect plays, but there's a disturbing ticking  
> coming from SB. I'd like to use new grace 3.6b4 both in linux and  
> osx and send midi via osc to mac. In mac, grace can play with  
> simplesynth midi, but now I'm in need of an example how to exactly  
> send midi from linux with osc to grace running in osx. If some is  
> willing to share some scheme-code  in order to do this, I'd be more  
> than grateful.
> thanks
> -matti
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