[CM] cm 3.6.0 beta 4

Adam ahcnz at ihug.co.nz
Mon May 3 05:59:33 PDT 2010

3.6.0 beta 4  is working well.  

However I'm not sure that the new  Csound Options  up-down history 
is being kept.  Newly entered options seem to be kept only while the Csound 
Settings pop-up box is active, and then forgetten when the box is closed 
and re-opened.  

Other lines, like the Csound: and Orchestra: options, do remember an 
option history list.  

Perhaps check  Options  behaviour in Audio -> Csound -> Settings box,  

Thanks. Beaut. 

On Monday 03 May 2010 02:53 am, Heinrich Taube wrote:
> binaires of beta 4 are available:
> Updated to latest JUCE release (3.52)
> Updated to latest Fomus release (fomus-0.1.12-alpha-rc3)
> Grace Ubuntu executable now built on UbuntuStudio 9.10.
> Csound Settings... dialog now uses a combo box for holding different
> Options
> Csound Settings... dialog now allows multi-line headers. header area
> slightly larger (you can resize the window to get the buffer even
> bigger)
> Fixed Emacs M-<char> and parens matching mode on OSX
> Fixed OSC receiver bug that did incorrect check of hook arguments
> OS X:
> http://camil.music.uiuc.edu/software/grace/Grace-3.6.0-beta4-osx.zip
> Windows (no osc):
> http://camil.music.uiuc.edu/software/grace/Grace-3.6.0-beta4-win32.zip
> Linux:
> http://camil.music.uiuc.edu/software/grace/Grace-3.6.0-beta4-
> fedora.zip   (built at ccrma)
> http://camil.music.uiuc.edu/software/grace/Grace-3.6.0-beta4-
> ubuntu.zip  (ubuntustudio 9.10)
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