[CM] sndlib and extension languages

Joseph Anderson J.Anderson at hull.ac.uk
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Hello Bill,

I suppose it is one of those "is it worth the effort" kinds of things.

>From my POV sndlib + the power of SciPy would be fantastic. Python has quite a wide user base--which would mean wider
exposure for sndlib.

Ctypes (http://docs.python.org/library/ctypes.html) is apparently one way of going about the task. I wouldn't say I'm really
up to the job, myself, more being a composer who hacks.

At the moment, w/ SciPy, I'm running into some irritation with the Matlab-like assumptions, and really missing proper
Music V family functionality.


Ok, so that's useful to know... they 'stole' the name xen...

My best,

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I don't have any plans to add python as an extension
language, but it's certainly a possibility.  I started
a port about 10 years ago, and still have the macros,
but they are probably obsolete.  

The "xen" name collision is unfortunate, but as far as
I know, I was using it first.  When I was casting about 
for a name, I google'd "xen" (actually this might have
preceded google -- I can't remember now how we searched
the net in the good old days), and did not find anyone
else using it. It's hard to find a name that is 
goggl-able and doesn't already have a bazillion 
takers -- even "CLM" which is apparently a well-known 
acronym for "Career Limiting Move" (example, punch the 
boss on the nose) -- I kind of like that collision.

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