[CM] format error when reading SPEAR files

Denis Fitzpatrick dfsextras at cox.net
Sat Mar 6 15:45:02 PST 2010

It's my bad, I think.

I did the following: made a new grace window (apple-N)
Saved it as test1.sal
copied the following line into that window after copying from the web site:
define variable log-frames = import-spear-frames("log-drum.txt")
  then executed and got the error "format-error"
But, after closing that file , then reopening and executing, it worked 
So saving a new file as a sal file didn't put grace into sal mode for 
that window, as I assumed.
Grace 3.5.1 OS X 10.6.2

On 3/5/10 4:44 PM, Michael Klingbeil wrote:
> You might just need to specify the full path of the file. Or you can use the chdir function.
> chdir "/Users/myname/project"
> For a non-existent file I get the error
>>>> Error: open-input-file: can't open log-drum.txt
> On 3/5/10 5:19 PM, Denis Fitzpatrick wrote:
>> In using the latest Grace executable (3.5.1) and trying spectral.sal
>> from http://camil.music.uiuc.edu/Classes/404A2/, I get format-error when
>> executing:
>> define variable log-frames = import-spear-frames("log-drum.txt")
>> the file is in the working directory.  I do get the same message when a
>> use a file name for a non-existent file, however.
>> Any ideas?
>> Denis
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