[CM] getting clm-4 to run on mac osx 10.6.4

Bill Schottstaedt bil at ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Tue Jun 29 04:08:31 PDT 2010

Thanks a million for the OSX/Clozure patches!  I have applied
them to my versions, and I'll make new tarballs in a sec.

I don't see why we get this warning:

;   In an anonymous lambda form at position 3085: 
    Duplicate definitions of GET-CSTRING, in this file and in 

I only see one definition -- is get-cstring built-in now?  
Position 3085 (a character count?) has nothing to do with get-cstring.

On macroexpand-all, it would be interesting to try walk.lisp
with that function commented out in the clozure case -- I don't
know if they're the same.

I updated to OSX 10.6.4 yesterday. I'll check out CLM in
sbcl and clisp later today.

On this message:

> Error opening shared object "/Applications/clm-4/libclm.so":dlopen(3) failed.

I think I'll try to conjure up some better error message --
if I can be sure of the output library name (location), I'll probe for it
or something.

> I'll register with the apple site. 

I don't think you have to register, but you do need to install XCode
(from the OSX DVD) by hand, or at least I remember doing that.

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