[CM] beginner's issues

Joel Ross joel.binarybrain at gmail.com
Sun Jun 20 13:08:09 PDT 2010

This will happen if grace is set to parse lisp (and perhaps sal1) for
Dave's code examples (which are SAL2).
This is under Options->Syntax. If it is set to parse Sal2 then there's
a syntax error somewhere.


On 20 June 2010 18:43, menno <nabob_cd at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hello Mr. Taube
> i have a beginner's question about getting common music/Grace to work.
> I saw this article: http://www.linuxjournal.com/content/algorithmic-music-composition-linux-part-1 that peaked my interest
> and decided to start with common music for score generation for Csound.
> I fired up Grace/common Music 3.6.0 on Ubuntu, using Jack. I got this error:
>>>>> Error: end: unbound variable.
> What can this be?
> Thank you.
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