[CM] latest FOMUS not working with latest Grace [SOLVED]

taube at illinois.edu taube at illinois.edu
Tue Jun 1 08:58:16 PDT 2010

>In Rick's book there are some examples of spectral composition methods 
>that use data from your spectra.clm, which I assume is FFT-derived. 
>Alas, the support for that format is no longer present in CM3. I'd like 
>to see it added again, if possible.

i see. thats very easy, ill add a function clm-frame->spectrum that takes one of these and returns a spectrum object, then you just do (load "spectr.clm") and call the function on whatever instantce you want to convert to a spectrum:

(clm-frame->spectrum bc-c2 :fundamental (hz 'c2))

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