[CM] building grace

Heinrich Taube taube at uiuc.edu
Fri Jan 15 06:17:10 PST 2010

> i succeeded compiling cm, grace and gracecl adding to flags -m32 - 
> isysroot  /Developer/SDKs/MacOSX10.5.sdk
> and using g++ and gcc ver. 4.0

thank you for your perseverance!

> a quick test with graceCL selecting clisp halted when browsing for  
> clisp.

dont know about either sbcl or clisp. both are working on 10.5. do  
make sure that you aren't reloading old fasls -- do  rm -r cm2/bin/*   
before you start either.

> grace looks like working (define (test x y)(* x y)) gave ok results.  
> Sounds i've not tried, but usb-soundcard blinks, when grace is  
> running so audio is working.

try something that will exercise the whole thing:

select Audio/SndLib/AutoPlay
select Audio/SndLib/Open INstrument Browser.
select the line "bigbird"
click on "load instrument"
click on "open example" when the editor pops up put your cursor at the  
end of the line (make-birds)  and hit Command-Enter
it shoud write a 1 minute soud file and start playing it in the sound  
file player.

> I've edited the makefile, as i don't know how to add the flags  
> in .lua t

If you send me the mods to get it compiling on 10.6 ill try to  
encorporate them in premake.

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