[CM] sal improvements

Heinrich Taube taube at uiuc.edu
Wed Jan 6 10:32:03 PST 2010

rev 1813 in svn has some big improvements to sal:

1 tokenizing is now completly C based with resulting speedup and  
greatly reduced consing in lisp.
2 sal printing is now many times faster
3 a new 'soundfile' construct for creating soundfiles a la with-sound,  

soundfile "zest.wav" ()
   send "wave", 0, .5, 440 , .2

soundfile "zest.wav" ( )
   with env = {0 .2 1 .005}
   send "wave", 0.2, 5, 240 , .025
   loop for t from 2 to 10 by .5
     send "wave", t, .5, between(440, 880), interp(t / 10, env)

since a lot  of low-level changes have taken place if you are on osx  
and you use sal it would be great if you would try out one or two of  
your programs in this app to make sure things are still working:


ive completely removed support for running in chicken scheme.  cm's C  
side now handles s7_pointers directly an i am about half-way through  
improving the scheme/c  bridge.

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