[CM] svn tip unstable

Heinrich Taube taube at uiuc.edu
Fri Feb 19 14:01:31 PST 2010

starting sometime tomorrow or sunday cm's SVN tip will be unstable for  
a week or two while i move the editor from JUCE's old TextEditor to  
its new, superfast CodeEditorComponent. Ive done part of this work and  
testing with with large scm files like peak-phases and animals -- with  
the new component the opening, highlighting, and editing of huge files  
is instantaneous now, hooray!!

Unfortunately, the new class is so different from the old TextEdtor  
that I have to pretty much rewrite things from the bottom up... Since  
this will include all the low-level string lexing then if I have time  
Im also going to implement a Sal 2.0 which will be an infix,  
functional equivalent of Scheme (quite close to sal 1.0 actually but  
without "commands" so  smaller and leaner and using an 'if ... end'   
for consistency) Of course ill continue to support the current sal.

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