[CM] CLM-4 on Ubuntu (was on OS X 10.6)

Geoff Lee g.lee at ed.ac.uk
Wed Feb 17 01:58:13 PST 2010

Hi Michael, list...

On 1 Jan 2010, at 22:28, Michael Goldberg wrote:

> The libclm.so file was not being created because development versions
> of necessary libraries were not installed. (This is a common
> Debian/Ubuntu problem -- you need to install *-dev versions of a
> library to compile.)  I think after I installed the libasound2-dev and
> libpthread-stubs0-dev it just started working on Ubuntu 64-bit, with
> both clisp and sbcl. I may have installed some other libraries -- I
> didn't keep close track. I also installed some lisp stuff (cl-uffi,
> cl-asdf.)


> Stupid question: what resources are required to run CLM-4?

I just went through this investigation for a student and after your very useful post above, got things working. For the benefit of the list the other problem in this case was that Ubuntu 9.10 default install doesn't include /bin/csh by default! This causes all the calls to gcc to fail in all.lisp as they all invoke csh.

>From a vanilla 9.10 Ubuntu install, the following were sufficient to get clm-4 up and running with the ALSA audio stack:

sudo apt-get install emacs23
sudo apt-get install slime
sudo apt-get install libasound2-dev
sudo apt-get install libpthread-stubs0-dev
sudo apt-get install csh

Hope this helps someone :)

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