[CM] Snd 11.3

Bill Schottstaedt bil at ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Wed Feb 10 11:19:49 PST 2010

Snd 11.3:

The old functional form of show-listener no longer works:
  change (show-listener) to (set! (show-listener) #t).

in CLM, mus-file-probe et al changed to get bools working across the FFI,
          (that is, mus-file-probe now returns either T or NIL, not 1 or 0),
          and sound-frames and friends now follow the *clm-seach-list* list.

The rest of the Guile-dependent files have been removed.  As soon as
  they are translated to s7, I'll put them back in.  This includes the
  --with-snd-as-pd-external and --with-rt configuration switches.

About half (~400?) of the CL functions have been implemented in s7test.scm (including
  CLOS via tiny-clos); they pass the sacla/ansi/clisp tests (also in s7test.scm).

flocsig in generators.scm (flanged locsig).

moved sound|channel|mix|mark|edit-property to C.

removed NLS support (the po directory and so on).

checked: gtk 2.19.3|4|5, FC 12, sbcl 1.0.35, had problems (old gcc) with gmp 5.0.0.

Thanks!: Kim Cascone, Mike Scholz, Michael McNabb, Rick Taube, Michael Edwards,
	 Fernando Lopez-Lezcano, Geoff Lee.

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