[CM] Can't load external scripts

Henrik Frisk frisk.h at gmail.com
Fri Feb 5 04:47:59 PST 2010

>    H> If I'm trying to load ws.scm by typing (load
>    H> "/usr/lib64/snd/scheme/ws.scm") I get:
>    H> ;io-error open-input-file: can't open extensions.scm,
>    H> /usr/lib64/snd/scheme/ws.scm[5]
> Hi Henrik.
> It seems 'load-from-path doesnt find the files in your current
> %load-path.
> Check or set the value of %load-path to the place where the files
> reside.  Ie:
>  (set! %load-path (cons "/usr/lib64/snd/scheme" %load-path))
> or something close.
> You can set this in your config-file.  (Its usually ~/.snd, but im not
> sure where its meant to be on a mac.)
> -anders

Hi Anders,

Thanks for the help! The problem is solved.

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