[CM] cm 3.6.0 beta 3

Adam ahcnz at ihug.co.nz
Mon Apr 26 08:56:53 PDT 2010

Further to Dave's observation,  is it possible to make the Csound 
Options setting publicly available for change ?  
*csound-options-setting* or similar perhaps.  

Failing that, at least an Up/Down previous-settings widget 
would be handy there.   Audio->Csound->Settings->Options. 

Render to -odac or to -otest.wav can be a frequent change. 
Running with another midi file -F may be a handy option. 

On Tuesday 27 April 2010 03:18 am, Dave Phillips wrote:
> Hi Rick,
> Thanks for bringing back the pop-up menu in the editor, it's a nice
> feature.
> In the Csound Settings dialog the Header window is broken. The cursor is
> active only on a single line, and pasting doesn't fix it. Everything
> just gets pasted to a single line.
> Best,
> dp
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