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Daniel Ross mr.danielross at googlemail.com
Thu Apr 8 17:17:04 PDT 2010

Dear Music Programmers,

I'm finding it very difficult to bridge the gap between the theory of 3D specialisation in dlocsig and implementing it practically using any other instrument.

As a fairly recent beginner to the world of programming and music technology, is there anyone out there in interet-land who could hep me understand exactly, and simply, how to take one of the standard (and, perhaps, more complicated) CLM-4 instruments and adapt it/them to use dlocsig - without just referring me to https://ccrma.stanford.edu/~nando/clm/dlocsig/#dlocsig-ug?

Though full of information, it is rather difficult to fully comprehend as a beginner, and I'm sure the seasoned CLMer's amongst you can explain some of the finer points in (almost-)lay-man's-terms without my head exploding.

Very best,

Troubled in Edinburgh
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