[CM] grace runs as root user only

Heinrich Taube taube at uiuc.edu
Wed Apr 7 18:47:21 PDT 2010

> There is no 2.6.0 version (or "so" name, or anything like that), you
> probably mean 0.26 (or 0.24).

yes i meant .26 and .24. i build against .26 and the one the linker  
finds on ccrma isnt the same
[ccrma-gate hkt] ~/Software/xcm> ls /usr/lib/liblo.*
/usr/lib/liblo.so@  /usr/lib/liblo.so.0@  /usr/lib/liblo.so.0.6.0*

> Well, if you want to link dynamically the linker does not have much  
> of a
> choice. I imagine it can't use your own .so because everybody else  
> would
> run the program and it would fail to link, right?

im not trying to link dynamically -- i try to avoid it. i dont mind  
the larger exe its a fair trade to get  a drag-and-drop app. ( grace  
its not really that big anyway even though its got sndlib, all clm  
instruments, examples, tutorials and souces built in. )

> but try not putting a "-llo" statement in the linking
> phase and including your liblo.a explicitly in the list of things to
> link.

adding the lib explicitly as you suggest worked, ill fix my premake to  
do that on linux, thanks!

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