[CM] code editor complete

Heinrich Taube taube at uiuc.edu
Sat Apr 3 19:17:02 PDT 2010

ive uploaded the second-to-last candidate for the new code editor and  
sal2.  all functionality is now in place except loading sal files and  
the 'file' form in sal2




new features:
color themes work (juce bug curently stops cursor from changing color  
switching syntax in buffer works
customization comments work, comments can store buffer syntax, color  
theme, font-size, lines and columns
use Options->write customize comment  to add a comment to the buffer.

all tutorials and examples have been checked, sal examples and  
tutorials now reflect sal2.  to get a sal2 buffer you can open a file  
with a .sal2 extension or  switch an existing buffer to Sal2 using the  
Options>Syntax> menu.

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