Geoff Lee g.lee at ed.ac.uk
Fri Oct 30 05:00:13 PDT 2009


On 30 Oct 2009, at 10:57, Bill Schottstaedt wrote:

>> I guess we can avoid using clm-print
> clm-print goes through cmus.c mus_error2clm (it seems like
> it ought to be using mus_print, but maybe this is an historical
> artifact), and that has some weird code surrounded by the
> confidence-inspiring name SBCL_PPC_ERROR_KLUDGE.
> I can't remember anything about this, but perhaps it's
> out-of-date now.

Wow, that is weird.

Just removing the #ifdef SBCL_PPC_ERROR_KLUDGE sections from cmus.c  
does indeed seem to solve the problem :)

This is on 10.5.8/gcc-4.0/sbcl-1.0.29. If I have time later I can test  
it under 10.4 if you like...

Thanks again!

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