[CM] snd as pd external (OSX 10.5.6).... problems with "size of off_t"

padovani josepadovani at yahoo.com.br
Sun Jun 14 18:18:22 PDT 2009

Hi again,

thank you very much for the tips... everything is going well with 
autoconf and ./configure --with-guile --with-snd-as-pd-external.

Now I get an error when compiling...

gcc -c -DLOCALE_DIR=\"/usr/local/share/locale\" 
-DSCRIPTS_DIR=\"/usr/local/share/snd\" -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -O2 -I. -g -O2 
-DSND_PD_PATH=\"/Users/ze/Desktop/snd10/snd-10\" -DPD -I. -undefined 
suppress -flat_namespace -bundle -I/opt/local/include 
-I/opt/local/include -D_THREAD_SAFE -I/opt/local/include snd_pd_external.c
snd_pd_external.c:92: error: syntax error before ‘DSP_VERSION’
make: *** [snd_pd_external.o] Error 1

Could it be related with snd-rt?

thanks again,


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