[CM] ;piano.scm crashes in Linux, too

eichhoff eichhoff at statistik.tu-dortmund.de
Tue Jul 21 02:53:13 PDT 2009

In Windows AND in Linux it's now not possible to compile the programs. I 
downloaded now the trunk version of cm, the stable juce-zip-Version, 
sndlib from CCRMA and premake 3.7 and made everything regarding to the 
readme-file in /cm.
In Linux the last "make" doesn't work (after premake), two misstakes are 
shown. As attachment I put the code that I received in linux. Perhaps 
you see where the problem is.

Best regards

Heinrich Taube schrieb:
> its impossible to resolve problems if you change environments. please do 
> not use svn juce or an external lib, use the stable amalgamated juce 
> sources i ship. cm/readme.text has exact instruction for how to build on 
> linix and macos
> i will have more time tomorrow to look for conflicting symbols, and to 
> make sure cm has the latest piano.scm
> On Jul 20, 2009, at 5:16 AM, eichhoff wrote:
>> Strange, strange... where is the problem in piano.scm? I installed all
>> packages (cm, sndlib, juce (recent trunk)) on linux again this morning.
>> I started grace and the program crashed after I executed (the program
>> completely disappeared from the Desktop, no error message). So that's
>> not just a windows problem... Here is the crash-code again:
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