[CM] audio plots

Heinrich Taube taube at uiuc.edu
Sun Jul 19 06:41:19 PDT 2009

svn additions:  Console's File menu now has a few more plotting  
commands: "Open Midi Plot..."   translates a midifile into a plot with  
each track as its own "point layer" in Piano roll point  style. The  
Play Plot...  dialog now has tools to let you write a midi file from  
any plot in addtion to playing it out the port.  So you can load a  
midilfe, edit it graphically, and then export that data to lisp/xml or  
save it again, a poor man's sequencer!

ive also bumped the cm version to 3.3.0 in anticipation of the  
upcoming release (hopefully by the end of the month at the latest)

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