[CM] Problems with installing CM, CLM-4, LISP, SNDLIB

Heinrich Taube taube at uiuc.edu
Tue Jul 14 04:32:08 PDT 2009

> I installed SBCL, inside its directory I untared the cm directory  
> and clm-4.
> I have Visual Studio 2008 installed. Do I need sndlib instead of the  
> clm-4 folder?

If you want to use SBCL and CLM-4 (Common LIsp)  on Windows, then you  
dont need sndlib. But I dont know if CLM-4 will compile instruments on  
Windows, you better check that first. To use CM with SBCL on windows,  
use the GraceCL application. in this case you dont need sndlib either.

> 2. I installed the sndlib folder into the sbcl folder next to the cm  
> folder, went
> in, opened the vc++ project file and started it. The following  
> errors occured (ok,

If you want to use sndlib (sndlib has piano.ins working too i think)  
then you DONT need CLM-4 or  SBCL. But you will have to compile it  
from its sources until I can make a binary release,  I cant tell  
offhand what the problem you are having is due to.

Im sorry this is so confusing, i realized that there are lots of  
choices and compiling is not a trivial process (I did post directions  
on how to compile it to the cmdist list last month.)
  I will make a binary release as soon as the new C++ based Fomus is  
working reliably in Grace, hopefull this happens within two weeks.

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