[CM] csound support in cm3

Heinrich Taube taube at uiuc.edu
Sun Jan 4 09:53:00 PST 2009

Ive added Csound scorefile support  to svn trunk. it doesnt require  
libcsound  and should work everywhere.  Audio menu now has a Csound>  
menu, use Audio>Csound>Settings... to configure your Csound  
environment the way you want it. Settings are saved in your  
preferences and can also be specified directly to sprout like cm2 eg:

(sprout (foo) "test.sco" :play #t :orchestra "~/foo.orc")

the Csound menu also has a "Write Scorefiles" preference that is  
normally  turned on. If you turn it off then the interal score buffer  
is not flushed to disk; this lets you build a score incrementally over  
consecutive sprouts or use  the "Export Score" to export  internal  
data to an editor window, the clipboard or a file.

the Examples menu has an example of generating Csound output.

cm.html has been updated to document the recent changes:
new SndLib section
csound section rewritten
sprout discussion updated for file-based io.

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