[CM] CM version that works with the examples in the book?

Yuri Jossa yuri at voivod.net
Mon Feb 9 12:24:53 PST 2009

Hi Folks
I purchased the book 'Notes from the Metalevel' a while ago, hoping to be 
able to learn CM, and while going through the examples given in the book, i 
discovered that they do not work with the software that came with the CD in 
the book (Common Music 2.4.2)

I downloaded the latest version of GraceCL / CM (3.2.4) and the examples 
from the book do not work there either.

Going through the example programs that came with the GraceCL 3.2.4, i 
noticed that some of them do not work either, at least not with my setup 
(Win XP + Midi Yoke -> Ableton 7.10), despite getting the MIDI test output 
to work.

I was able to get the foster.sal program to work once with one voice after 
modifying the output in the code and commenting out the midi program change, 
but i was unable to get it working again, despite multiple reboots and 
I also unsuccessfully attempted to get the program to output a complete midi 

My question is: Is there a version of Common Music that works with the 
examples that came with the book?

I really don't care how old or outdated the version is, even if it doesn't 
have real-time MIDI output.. i would rather have something that works with 
the examples in the book, than a totally undocumented 'newer' version with 
easier syntax and fancy features.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you 

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