[CM] Fwd: Linux/Midi Test

Heinrich Taube taube at uiuc.edu
Tue Aug 11 10:51:26 PDT 2009

well then im back to square zero. your result would indicate that the  
problem is local to my (grace) process(es), but andrew gets the drift  
without grace at all. or maybe what he hears isnt the same as what you  
are reporting

On Aug 11, 2009, at 12:09 PM, lieven moors wrote:

> I tried the test program with a suprising result.
> The timing sounds rock solid, with normal permissions, and with a
> duration of 62.5 ms.
> P.S.
> When I selected realtime permission, the process was killed by
> das_watchdog, and I heard nothing.
> (das_watchdog guards for realtime processes that block the system)

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