[CM] [newbie] Is CLM the right tool for me?

Heinrich Taube taube at uiuc.edu
Thu Apr 30 09:36:35 PDT 2009

> Could you give me an
> example of how you would get such a combination with the scheme-piano
> instrument? (say for instance: a long C while a short D occur then a
> short rest then a short E, and then both the initial C and the E  
> finish
> together). What if another instrument (say a violin) plays at the same
> time? Is it possible?

Here is an example of what you want. but the piano seems really slow  
to me, on my machine this 3 second example takes 28 seconds to compute!

(load "piano.scm")
(load "v.scm")

(with-sound ()
   (fm-violin 0 3 (hz 'ef6) .2 :gliss-env '(0 0 .25 0 1 1) :glissando- 
amount .5)
   (p 1 :duration 2 :keyNum (key 'c4))
   (p 2 :duration .25 :keyNum (key 'd6))
   (p 2.666 :duration .333 :keyNum (key 'e2))

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