[CM] Triggers

Heinrich Taube taube at uiuc.edu
Tue Apr 7 15:32:09 PDT 2009

svn trunk now provides a new GUI tool in Grace called a Trigger that  
you can attach to Editor windows for interactive evaluation.
There are four types of triggers: Buttons, Sliders, Keyboards and  
MidiIn (The keyboard component wont be there for a few more days)

To add a trigger to your buffer use the Eval>Triggers submenu. Once a  
trigger is attached manipulate it to evaluate the buffer or buffer  
selection. Any data a trigger generates will be available in your  
buffer code in variables you set up. Triggers can be configured  
interactively and restored/saved to XML descriptions that look like  
this:  ; <trigger type="button" label="Hiho!"  />

to try out triggers using the xml importing/exporting feature do this:

1 Create a new lisp buffer and paste these two lines into it:

;; <trigger type="button" variable="*trig*" value="(random 100)" />

(format #t "my random value=~a~%" *trig*)

2 now Select the comment line as a region with your mouse then choose  
Eval>Triggers>New from Region.  that will parse the xml inthe comment  
and create a trigger for the buffer.
3 now click on the button in the trigger and look in the console for  
the output.

Here is one that will send whole tone midi notes when you move the  

;; <trigger type="slider" variable="*trig*" range="60 90 2" />

(mp:midi :key *trig*)

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