[CM] problems with cm3

lieven moors lievenmoors at gmail.com
Mon Apr 6 07:30:44 PDT 2009

Heinrich Taube wrote:
> please install cm from trunk svn and try that. if there is drift then 
> its maybe a problem specific to linux.
> On Apr 6, 2009, at 8:15 AM, lieven moors wrote:
>> I'm prepared to go to the bottom of this, so if you have any 
>> suggestions for testing this (e.g. insert bits of debugging code), I 
>> will take my time for this.
Ok, I did this, and I have the same result, although the dropouts seem
to have disappeared.
As a side note: I couldn't use my own juce build anymore (although it is
the same version as the one you supply), so I left out the --juce flag.
I also have one error when loading cm: ;use-modules: unbound variable,
line 22.

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