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Hey Achim,

what kind of processes are using? If you're using some instrument inside with-sound() it might be possible to do what you want with if statements to turn off an instrument just by setting the gain to 0 at the points you want, the processes would not stop running but nothing will be added to the output file.


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what is the easiest approach to switch between two running processes  
e.g. start two prozesses at the same time, output only process 1, then  
switch to process 2, output only process 2 while process 1 is still  
running, switch back to process 1, output only process 1 while process  
2 ist still running, etc.

process 1: ________ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ________________
                    |             |
		   |             |
process 2: _ _ _ _ _______________ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Thanks for any help.

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