[CM] Grace 1.1.1 available

Heinrich Taube taube at uiuc.edu
Wed Oct 15 12:59:40 PDT 2008

Binaries of Grace 1.1.1 are available at:


Grace 1.1.1

      * New messages for the MidiIn Port:
            send "mp:inchans" ...
            send "mp:intypes" ...
        mp:inchans enables input only on the specified channel(s)
        mp:intypes enables input only on the specifed type(s) Use #t
        to enable all channels/types or #f to disable all
        channels/types. You can also set these graphically using the
        MidiIn>Configure... dialog.

      * MidiSeq Save and Save As... dialog now allows the time format
        of the midi file to be specied. Select "ticks per quarter" to
        save the file in a format suitable for Sibelius or Finale.

      * MidIn's selected input device is now saved as preference

      * MidiIn's Configure... information is now saved as preferece

      * New function 'export-spear-frames' saves specta in a text
        file suitable for loading into Spear.

      * Fixed bug in 'segs' function that prevented geometric series
        from working
      * Fixed Midi Seq channel in for score capture mode.

      * WINDOWS: Fixed Editor bug involving unescaped DOS directory
        delimiter when loading files via the Load... dialog.

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