[CM] Snd 10.1

Bill Schottstaedt bil at ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Wed Oct 15 03:52:36 PDT 2008

S7 is now the default extension language.

added rhypars.cms by Juan Reyes

in clm.c, I removed the reader/writer locks (rdin and rdout gens);
  these were not working the way I had hoped they would.  Much work
  on threads -- with-threaded-sound has been rewritten 3 or 4 times.

gtkglext (openGL support in gtk) has been unmaintained for a long time,
  and by this point use of --with-gl with --with-gtk can somehow cause
  Snd to log you out!  So, it's not highly recommended.  I wish gtk had
  gone to OpenGL, not cairo.  I'll probably remove the gtkglext support

I'm about to remove Gauche support.  
  Gauche 0.8.14 segfaults immediately in Snd; Shiro says he didn't change 
  anything, but argument handling has clearly changed. I poked around in 
  Gauche, but didn't find anything.

checked: gtk 2.14.2|3, cairo 1.8.0, autoconf 2.63, sbcl 1.0.21, Gauche 0.8.14

Thanks!: Benjamin Um, Juan Reyes

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