[CM] cm3 & s7 in xemacs?

Heinrich Taube taube at uiuc.edu
Sun Nov 16 16:13:48 PST 2008

> what are the chances at this point for clm output a la cm2?

i now have processes transparently generating to audio and midi files,  
all you do is pass a file name to (sprout ...), in which case the  
scheduler opens a file and automatically kicks into faster-than-real  
time, so

   cm> (sprout (foo) )

runs in real time and

   cm>   (sprout (foo) "test.mid")

is like calling 'events' in cm2. it works for SndLib instruments too  
so clm audio file output is there right now! i havent relased a  
tarball today because i cant adquately protect againt errors under  
callbacks yet, i hope this will be working soon.

> or even (dare i ask) cmn?

cmn uses common lisp's object system, that would be very difficult to  
port to scheme. but if  Fomus ever appears as a  C lib it would be  
"easy" to send data to it.  it looks like david is still hacking on it  
at sourceforge so i havent given up hope yet.

> is real-time cm3->clm/snd a possibility? that'd be pretty cool ...
> maybe i should look at the sources and inform myself.

realtime sndlib instruments would be awesome. it might be possible, i  
may have a go at it over christmas.

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