[CM] GraceCL error

Yuri Jossa yuri at voivod.net
Tue May 20 12:42:25 PDT 2008

Hi folks
I am another reader of Notes from the Metalevel.

For all of those who purchased the book from Amazon and didn't get a CD, just contact amazon customer service and return the book and they will send you a replacement book with a CD.. i know this works, because it happened to me.

I am trying to run Grace 1.01 win 32 on my Windows XP computer with the full version of GNU clisp 2.45 installed, but everytime i try to start LISP from the Grace GUI, the socket server times out.
The path to the LISP executable is defined properly inside the Grace GUI and i have tried to start the lisp server using different ports..

When i try to execute the command to start grace from a command line, i get the following error:

module 'syscalls' requires package OS.

This is the command i am executing:

lisp.exe -x "(load \"C:\\GraceCL\\Resources\\grace\\grace.asd\")" -x "(asdf:oos (quote asdf:load-op)\"grace\")" -x "(grace:start-server 9002 \"C:\\DOCUME~1\\ADMINI~1\\LOCALS~1\\Temp\\temp5grace\")"

I did manage to get the version of CM that came on the CD-ROM running, but i would like to play around with Grace as well..

Has anyone seen this error?

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