[CM] Music5

Dave Phillips dlphillips at woh.rr.com
Thu May 1 03:23:49 PDT 2008

Fernando Lopez-Lezcano wrote:
> Kudos for your "archaeological" work!
Indeed! Max Matthews, Gerald Strang, Music5, music11... It's like I'm 
back in the late 1980s, when I was poring over CMJ reprints, wondering 
who were these amazing people and fantasizing about owning a PDP or an 
SGI machine... I even recall reading some very interesting articles by a 
fellow named William Schottstaedt...

For all that's been achieved since those days, I still have great 
fondness for them. Everything about computers and music seemed like 
magic then. I couldn't hear enough or read enough about it (relevant 
material was hard to find then anyway, especially here in the 
backwoods), and I thought I'd found nirvana when I discovered Csound 
(ca. 1989).

So yes, thanks for the digging, Bill, but thanks too for your own 
pioneering work. Believe it or not, it inspired even some young fellows 
stuck in the hinterlands of NW Ohio, and it was certainly a factor in 
getting me to where I am today. (And I'm a reasonably happy guy these 
days. :)

Still inspired here,


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