[CM] time variable filter (& stereo mastering ..) + a new 3d feature idea

ilya .d errordeveloper at gmail.com
Sun, 16 Mar 2008 20:05:34 +0000

hi list,

i couldn't realy find yet a way of ramping a filter, actually could be
even greater to be able to apply an envelope to the applitude of a
filter ..
so we can smooth it in .., otherwise when you apply a filter to a
selection, it generates a click ;[

it can definetly be done via a script .. no to sure, would it be some
sort of a matrix operation..?
i can see it this way:
you save two envelopes from the envelope editor,
end then just don't apply them, but exit the editor and do apply it with
that (suppose) matrix transformation  ..

i didn't check the manul for this .. point me if it is in there ..
well, i'm not sure, cause all the stuff i was trying to find in there,
was not called the way i was calling it myself.. and generally it's quite clear
that the whole approach to doing things in snd is very different from
some typical perception i usualy expect .., in fact it took me ages to figure out how to
use this actually (as it turned out at the end) BRILLIANT peace of
software :)))

so right, i think it's actually very important to have this filter 
ramp thing ..
i also wondered if the filter in the control panel could actually amplify,
or may be it could rise the amplitude slider accordingly .., so you won't
need to edit and apply the envelope in turns ..which can confuse the
desired result :(

hm, and may be .. some slicing in frequency domain could be done ..
so that would enable us to edit the ampiltude in time visually,
of course, here you can fiter out bands manually, and then save each of
them into files, and edit each separatelly and then creat an new file
and mix each of those onto it ..
or may be this splits could be cahnnel of one multi cahnnel file, so
could be esier then (still can probably use sync for multiple files ..
i'm not to sure yet how that performs)
well, the split procedure can deffinetly be done automatically with some
visual band devider, which could be prelistable ..hm
can we even go 3D at this stage ? could be wonderfull, what you guys
reckon ?

also, i have just had to do some mixdown to stereo, well ..

i first had two files with two channels in each, where each channel was
quite different from it's pair ..
(i've done that in Pd, so i had just diffrent stuff going in each [dac~]
in parralell, each of them wa sproduced at different stages in the
patch, so they are connected to each other, but they sound very different) 
i usually sort of balance the stereo output with the soundcard mixer
(hdspmixer for for the rme card).
and now i had to mix two files into a stereo one
i couldn't do that in Pd at first, cause this two bits just happend to
get together later :)
i have really wanted to get one four channel file first, but didn't know
how to add channel to a file, and tought to mix each of the channel just
onto one of the other file, so i ended up with a file which had even
more different channels ;(
now i tried with a mixer again, and noticed if i ballance them in a way
that 0.3 amplitude of each goes onto another one it would sound ok :)
here i came to a point where it took a while to figure out that i can
actually use Mix selection function from the menu, this is actually ok
to do, but the question is, if there is a way of doing the same in a
different way ??
may be the procedure will still involve the same thing, but we'd first
split channel into separet files, reduce applitudes ..etc
BTW, what's a way of swapping two channels ? so we could save a coppy
and then swap the channel and then mix it onto the original ..
(well, could really extract the channels and then add them to a new file
in the reverse order, or it could be done by editing some field in the
header ?)

hm.. i'm a bit sorry for such a long explanation, but it a first time
i'm doing some serious work in Snd! 

hm .. i think i'd produce a little guile procedure code if someone could
point me on some ready proceruders ..
like how to append cahnnels to a file (an empty one or may be cotaing
other cahnnels) .. could be great put a channel in betwen two as well,
but not necessary, cuase we can extract them an read in desired order .. 
that would be more rational, unless reordering can actually be done in
the headers !

apperently i have another question ..
the Update function in the File menu ..is it supposed to update the file? 
is it like when you mix something onto a file, and then change the
original file externaly, it's reload that original, and then reapply the
mixes ? and may be even if you you edited the mix sources, it'd reapply
the envelopes and stuff onto that ?
or Update is meant to do something else ? i couldn't get it, cause i had
a segfualt after i tryied that (not too sure may i did one other thing
just befor the crash)  ..

pardon me for two pages of questions ..

apriciated if anyone reads the entyery letter,

thank you in advance,
best regards,
ilya .ะด