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taube at uiuc.edu taube at uiuc.edu
Sun Jun 8 08:23:43 PDT 2008

 Im still out of state but when I get back to Illinois next week I will put up a web site with the missing CD materials for download. My apologies for the missing CD, the publisher assures me that they are  included in the second printing so perhaps you got an earlier book. Regardless the website will have version of GraceCL that runs the books examples as is. The app will work on windows/mac/linux and should be much easier to deal with than the software on the original cd.

again my apologies for the missing CD, ill post a note when Ive got something to download, probably about two weeks.

best, rick

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>Date: Sun, 8 Jun 2008 07:05:11 -0400
>From: "Hayahiko Moro" <moroflight at gmail.com>  
>Subject: NftM CD files  
>To: taube at uiuc.edu
>   Dear Professor Taube,
>   A reoccurring post on the cmdist list is that many copies of your
>   excellent book, Notes from the Metalevel, do not seem to come bundled
>   with a CD.  My own is no exception.  While I've checked out the latest
>   (svn) release of Common Music, I wouldn't mind having the chapter
>   source code and rendered output that was to be included on the CD.  My
>   requests to the publisher to purchase a replacement went unanswered,
>   and the store where I bought the book did not know how to help me.
>    Might there be a repository for these files I overlooked?
>   Thank you so much for your time.
>   \\ Hayahiko

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