[CM] RT-Stalin

Charles Turner vze26m98 at optonline.net
Wed Jun 4 16:46:18 PDT 2008

On Thu, 05 Jun 2008 00:23:28 +0200 (CEST), Kjetil S. Matheussen wrote:
> It does not seem like the configure script for snd found 
> rollendurchmesserzeitsammler.

Hmm... (Using the 0.0.3 tarball)

Some snips from ./configure:

checking for unistd.h... yes
checking rollendurchmesserzeitsammler.h usability... yes
checking rollendurchmesserzeitsammler.h presence... yes
checking for rollendurchmesserzeitsammler.h... yes
checking for tar_get_dynamic_roots_for in 
-lrollendurchmesserzeitsammler... yes
checking fcntl.h usability... yes
config.status: creating po/Makefile

  Options selected
  Snd version ...........: 9.11
  CFLAGS ................: -O2 -I. -DGTK_DISABLE_DEPRECATED 
  LDFLAGS ...............: -Wl,-export-dynamic
  prefix.................: /usr/local
  extension language.....: Guile
  audio system...........: JACK
  graphics toolkit.......: None
  optional libraries.....: rollendurchmesserzeitsammler fftw gettext
  random features........: ladspa
  environs...............: i686-pc-linux-gnu gcc

I looked at the functions in librollendurchmesserzeitsammler.a, and 
don't see any init_rollendurchmesserzeitsammler:

cturner at xenakis:/usr/local/lib$ nm librollendurchmesserzeitsammler.a

         U abort
00000028 b atomic_heap
0000002c b atomic_heap_size
00000001 d audio_thread_can_run
         U calloc
         U calloc_ex
         U fprintf
         U free
         U free_ex
00000021 b free_is_pausing
00000008 b free_mutex
00000070 b freeing_ready_to_go
00000040 b freelist_atomic
0000003c b freelist_nonatomic
         U fwrite
00000080 b gc_ready
00000090 b gc_running
000004b0 t gc_thread_func
         U init_memory_pool
000000a0 b main_heap
         U malloc
         U malloc_ex
00000750 t mark_area
00000060 b mark_finished
00000058 b mark_heap
0000005c b mark_rb
00000860 t mark_thread
         U memcpy
         U memset
00000000 d new_gc_can_run
00000034 b nonatomic_heap_size
00000024 b num_cpus
00000000 b num_live
00000004 b num_mark_jobs_running
00000020 b please_pause_freeing
00000048 b pm_job_finished
00000044 b pm_rb
         U printf
         U pthread_mutex_lock
         U pthread_mutex_unlock
         U sem_init
         U sem_post
         U sem_wait
00000030 b snapshot_heap
00000038 b snapshot_heap_size
         U stderr
         U sysconf
00000200 t take_snapshot
00000000 T tar_add_root
00000430 T tar_alloc
000000b0 T tar_alloc_atomic
00000060 T tar_calloc_atomic_uncollectable
00000140 T tar_delete
00000320 T tar_entering_audio_thread
000003c0 T tar_find_num_cpus
00000040 T tar_free_atomic_uncollectable
00000920 T tar_init
00000350 T tar_leave_audio_thread
00000090 T tar_malloc_atomic_uncollectable
00000170 T tar_new_heap
000001d0 T tar_run_gc

000010d0 T add_new_area
000006d0 T calloc_ex
00000000 T destroy_memory_pool
000005e0 T dump_memory_region
00000760 T free_ex
00001290 T init_memory_pool
00000010 T malloc_ex
         U memcpy
         U memset
00000000 b mp
000004c0 T print_all_blocks
00000410 T print_block
00000520 T print_tlsf
         U printf
         U puts
00000b00 T realloc_ex
00000000 r table
00000730 T tlsf_calloc
000010b0 T tlsf_free
000003f0 T tlsf_malloc
00001080 T tlsf_realloc

00000153 t GC_FirstDLOpenedLinkMap
         U GC_add_roots_inner
         U GC_data_start
00000004 b GC_has_static_roots
0000009c C GC_jmp_buf
000001c1 T GC_register_dynamic_libraries
000000dd T GC_register_dynamic_libraries_dl_iterate_phdr
00000000 t GC_register_dynlib_callback
00000141 T GC_register_main_static_data
         w _DYNAMIC
         U _end
00000000 b cachedResult.4869
         w dl_iterate_phdr

00000000 T GC_add_roots_inner
00000004 C GC_data_start
         U GC_register_dynamic_libraries
00000008 b glob_end
00000000 b glob_source
00000004 b glob_start
00000029 T tar_get_dynamic_roots_for

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