[CM] rollendurchmesserzeitsammler

Charles Turner vze26m98 at optonline.net
Wed Jun 4 14:13:27 PDT 2008

Hey Kjetil-

I was compiling Stalin for more than 24 hours on that memory challenged 
laptop I have. :-( I finally gave up and installed the Debian binary. 
It seems to work fine with the graincloud.c examples included in 

Two small points:

  . I noticed you expect\copy some rdmzs include and lib files
    to both usr/local and home/.../site. Are the ones in the home 
    necessary? If so, how are they used?

  . Got this error from stalinwrapper.c, setrealtime() I believe:
   tar snapshot benchmark: Unable to set SCHED_FIFO for 0 ("the 
xmessage fork").
   (Operation not permitted) I goes away when I run graincloud as root, 
but then
   I can't (easily) connect with Jack. What's supposed to be happening 

Thanks, Charles

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