[CM] snd-rt problem

border border at breakz.be
Wed Jun 4 10:52:22 PDT 2008

Hey (Kjetil)

Dunno if I should post troubles with snd-rt here on the mailing-list or
mail them directly to Kjetil, so in the meantime I'll post them here
like I did before.

If I run this code:

((lambda (hertz)
   (do ((x 1 (+ x 1)))
       ((> x (- (/ (/ (rte-samplerate) 2) hertz) 1)))
       (print x)
       (<rt-out> 0 (* 0.5
		      (/ 1 x)
		      (oscil* (* hertz x)))))))

everything works as expected, generating a saw-wave up to the nyquist
frequency on channel 0.
But if I want to run the same code on channel 1, the saw-wave from
channel 0 gets distorted a lot, and newly generated one is as expected.
Is there an explanatino for this kind of behaviour?
I have tried all kinds of volume levels, saw-wave levels, reversed the
channels still the result remains.
Only if I keep the number of sines generated below 40-45 then I get
acceptable results (but not acceptable saw-waves).

I do need the control over the different frequencies badly, otherwise I
would've use another saw-wave generator probably.

Thanks for looking at it.


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