[CM] Realtime music programming using Snd-Rt

Kjetil S. Matheussen k.s.matheussen at notam02.no
Sun Jun 1 02:31:54 PDT 2008


Here is my camera-ready paper for icmc 2008:

Hopefully someone may find parts of it very interesting.

Snd-Rt is a system for realtime sound and music programming
whose most distinct features are sample by sample
processing and a very efficient realtime-safe conservative
garbage collector. This, combined with a framework
based on the S-expression syntax, makes it relatively easy
to plug in high level languages such as Haskell, ML or
Scheme to do realtime sample by sample processing. Using
such very high level languages for realtime audio processing
could provide previously unexplored possibilities.

Snd-Rt lives inside the Snd sound editor and currently
consists of a realtime sound engine, a built-in realtimesafe
Scheme-like sound programming language named
"RT", an interface for using the Faust compiler, and an
interface for using the Stalin Scheme compiler. Stalin and
"RT" can use CLM for DSP operations, while Faust uses
its own system.

An interactive Lisp interface is provided for all the compilers,
and they all support very efficient sample by sample
processing and strongly timed coroutines.

Snd-Rt has been used for custom DSP routine prototyping,
interactive sound installations, live improvisation
(including use of custom-built hardware), exploratory
music programming, surround mixing, and to make
general sound applications.

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