[CM] Grace import-events

Adam ahcnz at ihug.co.nz
Sat Jul 26 08:10:22 PDT 2008

Grace 0.0.1 which reports Common Music 2.11.1 in 
its output,  is running on my distant XP machine. 

Maybe this is too old a version, and now works right. 

My problem is, using import-events on a simple .sco 
Csound file, the console output shows the 7 p-fields, 
but reports an error for an extra 8th p-field where the 
CR or CR/LF is.  sub-objects then doesn't work. 

Error goes something like, 

(defparameter s1 (import-events "a1.sco"))

"i11  1 1 0.6 220 0.7 103"Skipping unimplemented statement:
"i11  5 2 0.5 180 0.9 103"; warning: Importing non-numerical p8 value: I11. 
Skipping unimplemented statement:
"i11 . . . ditto as above . . . .

(subobjects s1)

  CONTAINER-SUBOBJECTS> with arguments (NIL). no method is applicable. 

Does import-events work OK for sco files in the current release ? 
Or is it something at this end ? 

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