[CM] CLM 4 Mac, DAC forces MOTU to 192k

Bret Battey BBattey at dmu.ac.uk
Tue Jul 22 02:25:39 PDT 2008

Hi Bill,

I just gave Audacity a try. Audacity preferences has an option "Do not modify audio device settings (such as sample rate)". With that checked, things work fine (Audacity plays back a 44.1kHz audio file at the correct speed with my MOTU set at 48kHz) -- and that is my preferred way of working. 

If I uncheck that, however, Audacity hangs up. So it doesn't have a perfect solution either ;)


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Is there a programmatic way to recognize this device?  If so, and
if you can figure out what it wants, we could add that case to 
audio.c.  If there's some open-source program that works, I'd
be happy (well, to be honest, I'd be annoyed as hell, but it's
the Code of The Developer that any bug is a shining delight)  to 
try to tease out how it differs from my code.

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