[CM] snd minibuffer is broken under motif front end

Carlos Pita carlosjosepita at gmail.com
Mon Jul 21 18:31:20 PDT 2008


I've attached a snapshot showing how the minibuffer looks like after
c-x c-f. Note that the text 'file' is ill-centered. (Here, the text
input box is not visible because of a focus issue I had while taking
the snapshot, but it works as it should). Another, more serious,
related problem is that cursor position is not being showed despite
the silent/verbose cursor setting. As occasionally, when
redimensioning the screen, I get a glimpse of it, I guess it's also a
layout problem. My motif version is:

ii  libmotif-dev                                  2.2.3-2
                       Open Motif - development files
ii  libmotif3                                     2.2.3-2
                       Open Motif - shared libraries

Anyone there is experiencing the same issues?

Best regards
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