[CM] CLM 4 Mac, DAC forces MOTU to 192k

Bret Battey BBattey at dmu.ac.uk
Sun Jul 20 12:23:06 PDT 2008

I just been transferring my CLM4 operations to an Intel Mac Pro, OSX.5, using SBCL, and with a new MOTU 828 Mk3 interface. All has gone well until I tried playing back a sound with CLM -- it immediately forces my MOTU into 192kHz mode and plays back the sound exceedingly fast. True also if I use (dac) to playback an AIF file. 

It doesn't do this if I use built in sound -- stays in 44.1 like it should. 

Hard to know where the problem lies here. Any clues or anyone who has overcome this?

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