[CM] [LAU] [ANN] jack_capture V0.9.19, Snd-ls V0.9.8.17 and Rollendurcmesserzeitsammler V0.0.4

Julien Claassen julien at c-lab.de
Wed Jul 9 01:22:33 PDT 2008

Hello Kjetil!
   I just installed and ran jack_capture a couple of times. Sometimes it 
crashes with this:
jack_capture[28116]: segfault at 08072000 eip 0804b1f0 esp bffa6c70 error 6
Segmentation fault
   Funny, now I tried it again, it doesn't do it again. The error message was 
something like:
JACK shutdown.
   The setup was: LinuxSampler running and MPlayer playing. Recording from 
mplayer or recording from LinuxSampler with MPlayer finished.
   The zombified error only came, when I hit RETURN ctrl-c respectively. So it 
didn't crash while working there.
   Any idea why that might have happend? Oh one last note: I don't have 
meterbridge installed.
   Kindest regards

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