[CM] Grace 1.0.0 now available for OSX and Linux

Heinrich Taube taube at uiuc.edu
Fri, 25 Jan 2008 20:41:14 -0600

A binary, drag 'n drop release of Grace 1.0.0 is now available for OSX  
and Linux.


Grace stand for Graphical Realtime Algorithmic Composition
Environment.  The application is implemented in JUCE and contains
Chicken Scheme as its extension language.  You generate sound by
defining algorithms (in Scheme or an infix language called SAL)
and running them in real time to generate sound.  Grace contains a
mutipurpose Console window, an emacs-like code editor with evaluation
services, syntax highlighting and symbol documentation lookup,
configureable MIDI In and Out ports, MIDI input callbacks in Scheme
and the beginnings of a general purpose data plotter. For information
about the application see the documentation under the Help menu.

Grace 1.0.0:

  o Realtime music scheduler implemented in JUCE threads
  o Chicken Scheme extension languange (3.0.0rc1)
  o Code editor with syntax highlighting, Scheme and SAL evaluation
     services, s-expression cursor motion, COMMAND-D documentation
     lookup for symbols asociated with Grace, SAL or R5RS Scheme and
     many Emacs key bindings (Emacs Mode)
  o MIDI In and Out Ports with configuration diaogs
  o Setting MIDI input hooks in Scheme
  o Channel instrument assigments
  o Microtonal MIDI output
  o Complete implementation of SAL syntax
  o Low-level MidiMessage accessors in Scheme

For information about the Grace Scheme binding see


For information about Chicken Scheme see


For information about JUCE see


Rick Taube
Todd Ingalls