[CM] clm and snd questions

Luke J Crook luke at balooga.com
Sat, 12 Jan 2008 03:08:16 -0800

Bill Schottstaedt wrote:
> I agree that SBCL is a good choice for Common Lisp, but perhaps
> I should add that I'm really only working on the Snd version these 
> days (the Snd/CLM documentation is in sndclm.html).  I keep hoping
> for an embeddable Common Lisp that I can use in Snd.
Confused. Are new features/bugfixes being added to the Common Lisp 
version of CLM? Or is the path forward calling Snd from Common Lisp? I 
guess if Snd exports a C API then the answer is yes. However from 
James's response "snd, the swiss army knife of sound editors - can be 
scripted via scheme, ruby and forth", then the answer seems to be no.

- Luke